Monday, January 26, 2009

Cakes and other assorted goodies. (Catching up)

Pancakes. Cupcakes. Cakes are always a good thing. I tried to make Saturday morning pancakes fancy and played with a star-shaped cookie cutter last week. A week later I fell in love with an icing gun. (For the record, I didn't make these tasty cupcakes or the icing- Nancy Jo did. I iced and added sprinkles.)

More little flower hats went to mommies expecting little girls. I hope Katie and Emmy Lou like them! I'm working on more. Eventually, I'll have put a knitted hat on every baby head I see. I'm working on a cherry hat for little Miss Ginger and have a collection going for Landry, whose mommy is responsible for the hat craze. She bought me Itty Bitty Hats for a gift once. Bless her.

I've been eyeing this baby kimono pattern for a while and finally found the time to make one for Rory. She was far too busy "cooking" to pose for a picture, but I think it turned out quite cute. I'm sure there are more kimono tops in her future.

My mom gifted me Family Fun magazine and I found this fun little carton wallet in the latest issue. I have absolutely no clue what I'll use it for, but I love it. I also love that it gave me an excuse to turn the colorful baby oatmeal carton (that I've been hanging onto for months, hoping to do something with it) into something functional!


Jamie said...

Isn't Landry's mommy fantastic?! Love your blog, Mandy! :-) And the hats!!!

Mandy said...

Yeah she is! Thanks, Jamie!

nejyerf said...

i got a christmas card from Klem (and I'm so excited for them) and I couldn't help but be knocked out by the sheer cuteness of the card.

i am in awe of your many talents.

and if those hats came in grown-up size i would order one. does it come in an orange?!?!

Laine said...

Coupons, use the wallet for coupons!

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