Thursday, May 7, 2009

Creatively (Un)Organized.

I am in a perpetual state of trying to get my left brain to function. It works, kind of. Sort of like a flickering light bulb. It might be the my right brain is generally so out of control that it can't catch up. I make lists and then lose them. Or doodle all over them. I think this might be an extrapolation of that concept, but hey, I'm trying. Right?

This is my new sewing organizer. It's a weighted pincushion, so that hopefully I can decrease the amount of stray pins that fall to the floor and get stepped on. It has a pocket organizer for things like scissors, my marking pen, the ever-important seam ripper, etc. Hopefully now I can cut down on my time spent wildly searching for these things. My favorite feature is the detachable scrap bag. Sometimes my sewing area looks like Pigpen (from Peanuts) paid a visit. Stray thread and bits of trimmed seams and corners end up everywhere. This is supposed to help rein them in. Gives them a place to belong.

We'll see. I'm hopeful. It might work. If nothing else, I found another use for the cool fabric I used for Rory's sheets/pillowcase. So, you know, that counts.

Cool (and free!) pattern from the very cool blog, Sew Mama, Sew!

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