Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anne!

I approached a gift for Anne's first birthday with Chuck (see previous post) in mind and came up with these wonky little birdies. Rory's Aunt Shannon gave her a cute book about a sparkly princess and I thought the illustrations lent themselves to softies, especially the birds. And since I'm still partial to birds, I gathered up the book, a bunch of fabric and felt scraps, and got to work. Rory got the first draft and now I think she expects a bird each day. This could get disappointing quickly.

I was telling my college roomie (and Anne's mommy) that it is harder to come up with gift ideas for her girls because she is so creative herself. A good challenge, though, and definitely fun. We also gave Anne some felt flower hair clips. Not sure why they haven't done much in my Etsy shop; I use them in Rory's hair all the time and love them. Hmm.

Happy birthday, sweet Anne! We can't believe a year has already flown by!

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