Friday, February 19, 2010

Dinosaurs + Cookies = Happiness

I've been working on a million different things lately- Jack's baby bedding, Rory's reupholstered chair, some sweet little baptism invitations, fused plastic craziness and on and on and on. Most of those projects will eventually make their way to a blog post. For now, I have to give a huge shout out to my mom's cousin Alice, who sent us an adorable outfit for the baby and also a hugely popular gift for his big sister, too.

Dinosaur cookie cutters.

Rory and I got out a sugar cookie recipe and some food coloring (because when you're 2, everything is better with food coloring) and went to town.

How to make Dinosaur Sugar Cookies- A Two-Year Old's Perspective

1. Have your mother make a batch of sugar cookies. "Help" dump the ingredients in a bowl. Get VERY EXCITED about making several different colors of cookies. Pay no mind to the stained hands of your mother, who thought about adding color after the dough was finished.

2. Drag your chair to the counter and help push cookie cutters in the dough. Sneak bites of cookie dough. In true baker form, get flour all over your shirt.

3. Name all the dinosaurs. Sneak bites of cookie dough. Point out that your mother broke off T-Rex's midsection. Share the obviously wrecked cookie with your mother.

4. Peer into the oven and wait for the cookies to bake. Toss the dish towels aside so that you get a better view. Put dish towels on dog. Ask to have another bite of cookie dough from the bowl. Share it with the dog.

5. Eat cookies. Name each dinosaur. Dance off your sugar high in the kitchen.


emk said...

I LOVE her hair! It is so cute!!! (As are the dino cookies, of course!)

Karen said...

I can't believe I didn't see these until now. She is so freakin' adorable. And the recipe...priceless.

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