Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Drooling with style

Two things made this project happen yesterday:

1. I had needed to be working on several big orders with deadlines.
2. My son is the Drool King.

If I'm staring in the face of half-finished projects, I can't seem to do the practical thing and just finish what I've started before diving into something completely different. Nope, I apparently have to have no fewer than three things in the works at once. Always. So I looked at Drooly McDroolpants yesterday morning and had an overwhelming urge to whip him up a drool bib. Or two. Would have been four, but I couldn't find my new package of Heat 'n Bond.

Turns out that it's just as practical as it is cute. Or, as Rory put it, "Eeeeeeeeeeeeew, gross, Jack! Spit up! Spit up!"


Claire said...

Mandy, darling, what is that font you use on Jack's 'Adorable/Practical' picture?

Mandy said...

It's called "HP PSG"

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