Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Braelee!

It's birthday season, isn't it?

Rory went to Braelee's very Dora the Explorer birthday party this last weekend.  She had a great time bouncing in the bounce house and eating the (really, really yummy) frosting off of her piece of cake.  For the birthday girl, I made a (wait for it....)  Black Apple Doll!  Nope, not tired of them yet!

Braelee's doll has a ruffly dress made from an old bridesmaid dress and a little charm for a necklace.  Oh, and vintage floral "tights."

My brother-in-law didn't get a handmade gift for his birthday, but he did score some cheap creative wrapping paper.  An old Denton Record-Chronicle page and a bow from fused plastic. There was last-minute resourcefulness involved.  Instead of calling it "the scrap of wrapping paper that I had didn't quite fit the box and this was the only thing besides Christmas paper that I could find" we called it "green" wrapping.  See?  We're not (only) cheap, we're trendy!

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