Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stroller Makeover, non-extreme version

I don't really use strollers that much.  For us, babywearing has been a lot more convenient.  Still, we keep an umbrella stroller in the trunk for just-in-case moments.  And it's nice at the library.  And at consignment sales.  Anything over about 25 minutes and my kids are done with the stroller, but it's good to have every now and then.

That being said, the poor stroller gets awfully neglected.  I pulled it out the other day and inspected it...and was honestly a teensy bit grossed out.  Mystery stains.  Brown splotches on the seatbelt straps.  Um...ick.

I broke out my trusty seam ripper and a screwdriver and took the old seat off.  I soaked the edge binding and straps in a highly concentrated OxyClean bath and used the old seat cover as a template for a new version.  I had visions of super-cool fabric but settled for what I already had on hand because, well, I'm cheap.  (Oh, Mr. Yellow Corduroy, how I love thee!)  I took a lot of pictures so that could refer back to them for reconstruction, but didn't really look at them.  Winging it was easy enough.  I used the old seam binding for the edges and reattached the now clean seatbelt straps.  Whew.  So much better.  

Yes, the 4-yr-old in the background proudly dressed herself.

Now, back to the trunk it goes.  Surely, there's a library trip in our future.  


Karen said...

You are so amazingly talented and brilliant. I am sure you must have inherited it from one of your parents...now to explore which one. Awesome job!

mandolyn said...

I really feel the need to say that if you actually watched the process you'd say that I'm more "crazy" and "wildly disorganized". But it all worked out, so I'll settle for "lucky."

Klementine said...

My non-crafty self is constantly shamed by your amazing awesomeness.

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