Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go Frogs!

My Dad got the kids some awesome Tank Carder TCU jerseys for the games this year.  Youth small kind of swallowed both of them, but I had some hesitation with cutting the fabric.  For the sports superstitious types, this poses a question.  In the end, I decided to hold my breath and grab my scissors.  I'm glad I did.  As cute as pajama-jerseys are, fitted ones are even better.

a little room to grow?

There we go!

And the Frogs won (with #43 in one piece), so I feel like I made the right decision.

I made Rory a SuperFrog hair clip for the first home game, too.  When we TCU accessorize, we don't skimp around here.


Anonymous said...


Do you sell those Horned Frog clips? I have an 19 month old daughter and I need some cute TCU gear for her to wear to the games. If you have an online shop, please let me know! Or if you would be willing to make/sell some things for me, please email me at smajorka@yahoo.com- thanks!!! And, GO FROGS!!

mandolyn said...

I do have an online shop on Etsy (mandolyn.etsy.com) I would be happy to make you some TCU stuff and list it for you! I'll send you an email.

Go Frogs!!

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