Monday, September 12, 2011

"Goldfish" Crackers

I saw this recipe for Homemade Goldfish Crackers a while ago and immediately bookmarked it.  When I signed up for a Pinterest account (hello, fun!) it was one of my first board additions.  Who doesn't love goldfish crackers?  Who doesn't love recipes with only five easy ingredients?

Rory asked if we had any goldfish a few hours ago and it dawned on me that we could try to make some.  I wish I had some extra delicious sharp cheddar cheese, but in our fridge we had a bag of shredded fiesta blend cheese that isn't designated for any dinner this week.  Better than nothing, right?  I used half salt and half garlic salt in an effort to compensate for my cheese's lack of bold flavor.  The Cupcake Project uses an adorable little fish cookie cutter.  Yeah, we don't have one of those, either.  We did have some random tiny cookie cutters, so our garlic fiesta-blend crackers are stars, bears, moons and plain old squares.  And you know what?

They are tasty!  I can only imagine that they'd be even better with a higher quality cheese.  And they're so tiny, so you only eat 3.  Or 37.


Elice said...

Hello Mandy, nice to meet you. You are clever, and I wish I were too! :D Just a lurker, coming out of lurking mode to say hey. I found you linked through the Cupcake Project is all. Will be making these too, your post so inspired me. Thanks!

mandolyn said...

Hi, Elice! It's nice to meet you, too!

Vivian Macaron said...

What fun shapes!

Amanda said...

wow! looks great!


Jamie said...

i heart stef over at cupcake project! she's awesome! and i totally just found you on pintrest - yay!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Mandy, You are one clever lady! I love the Goldfish cracker idea... but as they would say on American Idol or XFactor, You made it your own
Mandy! I thought the Stars and the Moon and the other shapes made these crackers more fun! I bet the kids loved them! My kids are all grown now, but I am still going to make them! Big kids/adults like fun stuff too!

Oh, and Mandy.... I remember you from years ago when my High School son was in Second grade. We had a school Adopt a Soldier program and you made me the most precious Soldier note cards to send to our soldiers! You are amazing STILL!
Thank you! xo Kelli B.

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