Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wookies and Birthdays (But not Wookie's birthdays.)

Rory was looking over my shoulder when I was scrolling through my craft blog list and this hopelessly adorable Chewbacca Softie pattern caught her eye.  She bothered me about making her one for the better part of two days until I found myself buying plastic noses and stuffing.  We used Jack's crib skirt (that he is finished with did that happen so quickly?) for the brown corduroy.  Rory wanted hers to be a girl (she named her Wanda), so we added eyelashes and a little bow.  Jack's wookie got a mustache, as his father pointed out that it would make it more authentic.  We don't skimp on our Star Wars references around this house.

October is the Month of Family birthdays for us and it kicked off with the parents.  Happy birthday Margaret (white cupcakes with buttercream frosting!), Mom [Karen] (Shiloh bag that I forgot to get a picture of...oops.) and Dad [Eddie] (German chocolate cake).

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Claire said...

Gotta pass Star Wars to the next generation. I love the wookies, they're so cute!

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