Monday, November 3, 2008

Babies and Bunny Ears

My grandma let me borrow the pattern for these simple dolls recently. She and her friends make them for charity. I changed a few things about the finishing details and added a tiny bunny to match each one. I'm still in the process of making pocket pillows that will be each doll/bunny combo's bed. So far, of those that have been given as gifts we're two for two on "delighted little girls." Hooray! I'm also loving that they make a great way to use up small bits of cool fabric that I seem to have in endless amounts.

These were specifically requested by one of my favorite mommies for her girls. I was more than happy to provide, because honestly, what's cuter than a kid with bunny ears?


emkenton said...

I JUST FOUND YOUR BLOG! I am SO excited to have something new to read! I'm totally adding you to my links (if that's okay?!)and maybe you'll get some new business! :-)

Mandy said...

Link away!

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