Sunday, January 4, 2009

The probable cause for my holiday weight gain.

There are certain foods that go perfectly with a season, like Thanksgiving and pumpkin pie. I would like to officially say that I'm all for breaking the rules. I'm considering having a pumpkin pie for my birthday in June. It's that good. Extra thick Cool-Whip doesn't hurt.

When I think of the holidays, my brain starts getting ready for baking with the Duncan girls, wrapping tamales and making a million bizcocho cookies. So far I'm only 2 for 3, but since I'm tossing out the seasonally-appropriate rules, I might be 3 for 3 before next Christmas. Who wants bizcochos in March? Anyone?

An abbreviated group of the Duncan girls got together for a biscotti making party. We made it last year and it got rave reviews and special requests. This year's batches were craisin almond and brownie biscotti.
Andrew, Margaret and I have made it a tradition to make a giant annual batch of tamales just before Christmas. This year's project has yet to be scheduled, but will still take place. I made two rounds of tamales before Christmas- one for a family party before Christmas and one at my parent's house on Christmas Eve. My aunt Susie and I supervised and we had a good time getting everyone involved. I tried new recipes this time around: Chicken Cilantro Pesto (and Pork, in another batch) and Chipotle Beef. I compiled some pictures to show the basic process (click for a bigger view):

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Kacy said...

The biscotti cookies were soo good!

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