Sunday, January 4, 2009

Handmade Christmas

I love handmade things. I guess that probably goes without saying, but I do. Especially for the holidays. The only thing not great about an (almost) exclusively handmade Christmas is starting in late October. Next year, I'll try to get the ball rolling sooner. (Insert eye roll along with under-the-breath sigh here.)

I was up-to-the-minute on some of these, and still finishing up a few others, but here some of the highlights:

I made several fused plastic goodies in new looks- a messenger bag and a little purse with a pleat. I tried new projects like knitting with wire and beads and making resin pendants. I created a game for my almost 4-year-old nephew:
Made but not pictured: several scarves, more knitted wire jewelry and resin pendants, a felt advent calendar with ornaments, a baby doll and bunny set, a toddler apron and a few more things that remain unfinished. I'm almost there. Oh, and felt food, which deserves a post all to itself.

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