Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been in an instant gratification mood lately and made a few things for Rory. The skirt is from an awesome old sheet. Pre-hemmed! I'll be stretching it as far as I can because I really love the design of it. Very summery. Not sure why I haven't done anything with it before. (Use it as an actual sheet? Nonsense!)

The dress is a cute little pattern that I've had for a while. It crosses in the back and wraps around. The bloomers that go with it needed a little (cough, cough) tweaking. At first try-on the waist went up to her armpits. A bit frightening. I added the bird to it and to the shirt because I can't help myself lately. Maybe the cardinal's nest outside my window is subliminal inspiration, but I'm drawn to bird stuff. On everything.


Kacy said...

Green is an excellent color on Rory!

nejyerf said...

love the skirt. too bad it doesn't come in big girl size!!

KD said...

I love the summer-ish!

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