Friday, May 1, 2009

A Little of Everything.

I made these aqua flower clips as a custom listing for a bride through Etsy. They're for her "itty bitty flower girl brigade". I love it. I couldn't find felt in the aqua color that she needed, so I used flannel and treated the edges to prevent fraying. I really like her wedding colors.

I'm currently making bedding and accessories for Baby G, who will arrive in June. I did a test run of the crib sheet pattern for Rory's new toddler bed and gave myself a forehead slap for not attempting the pattern sooner. Super easy! The crib mattress fits in the toddler bed, so we have sheets, but I've had several fabric crushes for a while now and couldn't resist making a sheet and pillowcase set that is less "baby" and more "what else can I make with this fabric because I love it so much?".

I found some Elmo fabric in the scrap bin at Walmart (I might be addicted to the scrap bin.) and figured I'd make Rory some pajamas with it. I finally got around to making them and really like the pattern. Spongebob Squarepants ("Popo Pairpants") jammies are now in the craft queue.

Andrew's Grandmother turns 90 in a few weeks and I got to design the party invitations. I've had ideas bouncing around my head for a while for that as well as invitations for Rory's 2nd birthday party and finally made them concrete the past several days. I'm happy with the way both turned out and now (bonus!) I have a little more unoccupied space in my brain. For the next ten minutes anyway...


Kacy said...

Hahahahaha! Popo pairpants! That kid kills me!

sheila said...

Received the invitation today. Your design is great! Thanks so much!

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