Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Dress, v. 1

I finally organized my fabric supply and remembered that I'd wanted to make more for Rory with the sheet that I used before (skirt). I have a (organized! for now...) corkboard with a list of things that I need to make and finish. I completely disregarded that yesterday morning and finished this dress. It's pillowcase dress-ish. I found the lace scrap in my giant mountain of crafty things and love how it looks on the hem. I made a strap from the fabric to tie in one bow on the front. It's a more simple look than the traditional ribbon, and I think I like it better. I'll tweak a few things here and there for the next one, but I like how sweet and summery this one came out. Oh, and it was so quick to make. Love that, too.


Kacy said...

That's adorable! Rory's haircut is awesome! She looks so grown up!

Karen said...

I absolutely love the dress. It was so cute..just like the model and her mom.

Mandy said...

I like it too, Kacy. The less like a mullet, the better.

Mom, are you trying to get me to bake you more cookies? (I'm so on to you.)

Klementine said...

So cute. So envious of your talent. And that child is pretty dang adorable.

nejyerf said...

it looks so summery and cool.

what a lucky little girl!

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