Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jayne (and Brian)!

Jayne loves all things pink and toile, and for the past several years, "Brian" and "bee" have been interchangeable. Her birthday is today and my brother's is August 6th. There is something about my family where couples have birthdays in the same month. Call it an unwritten rule. My parents are in October and Andrew and I are in, Brian and Jayne aren't in the same year (The Octobers are, as are the Junes), but the rule book clearly states that isn't a family requirement.

Anyway, 12 squares of fabric (6 of each: pink toile and yellow bees), some cotton batting, thread and a few minutes of sewing later, we have His/Hers quilted coasters. Each coaster has a side for both of them. I made some for my house a while back and none of them match (on purpose) and we use them all the time. The wonky stitching is also on purpose, and when washed has that cool quilt look that I love. Happy birthday, you two. I hope it's a great one!

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Karen said...

I had never thought of the birthday rule. I am amazed. The same month...start looking for Rory find someone in May might have to be arranged...and you want from a cool family and all...Happy Birthday! You are so talented.

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