Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This might actually work.

I've never been very good at balancing things I need to do with things I want to do. I've never been accused of being a very good housekeeper either. Go figure. Still, not getting much sleep is not good solution to my being over-busy. After whining about all of this to my mother-in-law, I took her up on the suggestion to give organizing my schedule another try. I've tried spreading housework stuff over the week before, but never have done a very good job of keeping up with it. (I'll never actually enjoy mopping. Or vacuuming. At best, I'll tolerate.) Then I've always been swamped with the crafty stuff I'd rather to do after everyone else is asleep. That only works for so long before I give up. It's always been a choice between getting stuff done or having a clean(ish) house.

Margaret might be a genius. I'm just saying. I drafted a list. With markers and fun paper. If I'm going to have a schedule, it's going to be pretty.

For almost two weeks, it's actually worked. Dedicating full days to crafty stuff makes me not feel guilty for neglecting the house. And likewise, having a day dedicated to the kitchen and living room makes me do a better job of actually cleaning (I even dusted! Two weeks in a row!) without feeling like I'll never finish making that stack of bibs sitting in my to-make pile. If someone randomly dropped by my house, I wouldn't be embarrassed to let them come in further than the entryway. I'd even be able to confidently open the doors to the office. This is huge progress!

Here's to hoping I can stick with it. Being organized has never come easy, but this might be something I can work with.


Klementine said...

This. Is. Genius.

Karen said...

I am glad the lists are working! Your attitude seems so uplifted too! Makes for a happy day. I hope you enjoy the lists...just can be creative every week as you decorate a new one! You can have seasonal lists...

Mandy said...

Thanks, Klem. Mom, slow your adorable left brain down. That sounds like an awful lot of list-making. I'll be printing this one out every week and using it for a long time. Probably.

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