Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Craft Now, Sleep Later

After a triple dose of nighttime catnapping, I set up my booth at the Plano Christmas Craft Fair again this year. Usually I can blame the frantic pace on just not being prepared early enough. And while I can't completely write that excuse off this year, it was awesomely complicated this year. I have been working (seemingly) non-stop making felt food and bibs- just not for this show. I've been shipping orders to some great boutiques and just didn't have a chance to think about this year's craft show until the week before. Everything worked out in the end and I sold cards, felt food and bibs pretty decently this year. I've decided to continue updating most of my card designs and put the discontinued stuff on SuperClearance.

Shout outs to Claire and Katrina for helping at the booth and tearing down. Also to Andrew (and Rory) and Margaret for more help with set-up/tear down. High five!

Now I just need to make sure my Etsy shops are full...
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