Friday, November 13, 2009

Riff Ram Bah Zoo

Saturday is a big game for TCU. A BIG game. So, for a few hours last night I abandoned all responsibilities (are we sensing a pattern here?) and crafted some TCU stuff. For the game. It was necessary. Somehow, that works out in my head.

I had an LT jersey that I wore to games in college that I haven't been able to squeeze myself into for a few years. (It's an adorable youth size. Isn't that cute? Yes, yes...) It wasn't helping the Horned Frogs sitting in my closet, so I made it into a bag that I'll bring to the game. It's loosely based on the same pattern as I've used before, but I changed the straps, added a zipper and made it bigger. I used the "TCU" that was on the sleeve for the inside pocket.

Rory needed something to wear to the game with sleeves, so we found her a purple shirt (Hooray, Target clearance!) and I freezer paper stenciled a silver "TCU" on it. Not sure if it was the paint or the shirt, but I had to do some work on the edges after I peeled off the stencil. Mildly frustrating, but I like the end result. I found a frog iron-on decal that I'd printed who knows how long ago and felt the need to make my son a onesie. Hee hee. My son. That's cool. Sure, he won't actually be outside of the womb to cheer the frogs this year (or wear the onesie, obviously), but I'm sure he's kicking along to the fight song.

We're heading to Austin tonight for the Hokahey 5K for my Uncle Dan and then we'll be Fort Worth bound. So now it's noon on Friday and I can focus on packing for this weekend. And cleaning the house a bit. It's okay, I know that my sanity (and my priorities) sometimes (usually) hangs by a thread.

Riff Ram, Bah Zoo
Lickety Lickety Zoo Zoo
Who Wah, Wah Who
Give 'em hell, TCU!

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emk said...

Wow, Austin is SO not on the way to Ft. Worth from your house, I don't think! :-) Love all the TCU stuff-- have fun at the game!

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