Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Grub-a-saurus Tex-Mex

I'm in the middle of no less than four time-sensitive projects. And I have an icky cold. Which of course means that I will inevitably take more breaks than usual and start making something completely unrelated to anything I'm currently working on. Like a dinosaur house. Or diner, if you will. Andrew so cleverly named yesterday morning's creation the "Grub-a-saurus Tex-Mex".

Rory is obsessed (OBSESSED) with dinosaurs. (Looking at you, Dinosaur Train.) She has a collection of dinosaur toys that needed a place to play. "In the middle of the floor" wasn't working out so well. Enter one diaper box, some magazines, packing tape and some overgrown kids who parade around in parent disguises and you have this. Sure, I could have brought out the felt, fabric, glue and tons of other supplies, but there was something really fun about the minimalist construction.

Apparently, T-Rex prefers kiwi. And Mr. Triceratops has a TV addiction. Both scientific facts, I'm sure.

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