Saturday, February 6, 2010

(Not So) Great Expectations

I've known Shannon for 22 years now. That means several things, among them being that she doesn't expect her Christmas presents to come on time. Not that I don't actually try to have them finished by December 25, it just never seems to happen. Obviously, this year didn't break tradition.

This project lived inside me head for several months before actually coming to life in the real, material world. I used a picture from when the two were engaged and simplified the lines. Then simplified them more. Then started over because the resulting picture didn't even closely resemble either of them. I finally got a draft done that I was pleased with and transferred it onto fabric using the kitchen window as a lightbox. A few strands of brown embroidery floss and a red frame later and voila- the gift is finally finished!

I admit that the sketch looks a lot better (and much more like the two of them) than the embroidery, but still I think the result is kind of fun.

So here it is. In February. Happy EngagemeChristmasTine's Day, Shannon and Josh!

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Kacy said...

I didn't know Shannon got engaged! Congrats!!!

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