Monday, January 25, 2010

Fused Plastic Placemats

I got a suggestion from the wonderful Kelly @ The Urban Infant to make some kid-sized placemats from fused plastic. I've shipped some bibs to her and she wanted to try this as well. I had a head-slap moment- not sure why I hadn't thought of this before. It seems like someone gave me the idea a while ago, but I'd always thought of them as larger, standard size and that would require sewing several pieces together. It would work, but isn't as easy to clean and doesn't necessarily lay as flat as a placemat should (especially for clumsy eaters like me- we don't need any help making mess).

Rory got the prototype and loves it. I whipped up eight more that are currently on their way to The Urban Infant in Chicago. I think these will make their way to the Etsy shop soon. Maybe in sets of 2? 4? Paired with a bib?

1 comment:

Kacy said...

The placemats are great! But Rory looks about 5 in the picture!!

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