Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I've been playing with recovering the ironing board for a while now. It's got some mystery spots on it, no doubt from plastic. Or spray starch. Or possibly fusible interfacing. Or...

I had enough of this green star fabric in my stash to make a new cover and decided to tackle it today. It was surprisingly simple. I traced the ironing board shape, plus some extra around the edges onto the new fabric, sewed a bias tape casing, then added elastic (which I like better than the old cover's drawstring). Ta-da! Now when I manage to get this one full of mystery spots, I won't be as hesitant to whip up another cover.

Rory took a look and said, "Good job, Momma, you did it!" which I think she really meant as, "Now can we get to that peanut butter and jelly sandwich, please?"

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