Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've been a pregnant nesting fool. Jack will be here in April (probably), so it's a good thing. I've been crossing things off my to-clean-out list and annoying garbage men with my overflowing trash bin. It's a good thing.

I had a serious need to (one) make baby Jack something and (two) use some fabric remnants that I'd picked up on sale and fallen in love with. I was over at Kelli/Wayne/Landry's the other week for some excellent food and Cowboys football (Woo!) and played with putting some fabric on burp cloths. We were having a tough time with the cloth and fabric pulling and tried to come up with a good strategy for sewing them. I was searching for more info and found this tutorial at Chickpea Sewing Studio, which uses a teeny tiny zig-zag stitch and found that it works beautifully.

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