Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Cooking!

I went to Shannon's bridal shower in Lubbock a week ago and had a really good time. We got her a gift from the registry, but I really wanted to make her something, too. Once I decided on a recipe box and cards I found that apparently recipe boxes are a modern rarity. Who knew? I must have gone to six places looking for one before deciding to just get creative.

I found a glass vase that seemed like it would be a great fit and thought about etching "recipes" on it. (Not that I've ever actually tried glass etching before...) Simplicity took over and I left the vase as is. It works. (I'm not sure how it would work as an actual vase.) I made some recipe dividers and cards and added 20 or so recipes that we use and love, minding the likes/dislikes of the bride and groom.

I'll admit, it makes my own recipe box look a little juvenile. Maybe I'll make me one. When I have the time. In like twenty years.

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