Friday, July 9, 2010

Leftover Pico is Delicious

The kids and I had an indoor picnic yesterday. I've decided that pico de gallo is about as versatile a condiment as ranch dressing. It kind of rocks on a hot dog. A lot. I had two, just to be sure.

We had a lunchtime audience, of course:

Also in the delicious category: Dr. Pepper made with sugar. Serious yumminess is now, for a limited time, available in cans (outside of the Dublin, TX distribution area.) Andrew has discovered the perfect sugar Dr. Pepper drinking conditions. Served very cold, no ice, in a glass directly from the freezer. Seriously. It's knock-your-pants-off good. It rivals the leftover pico.


Klem said...

We must go to Torchy's Tacos on a lunch sometime soon.

They have Dublin Dr. Pepper.

On tap.

Oh. Yeah.

Mandy said...

I'm in!

Jamie said...

oh, oh, oh, me too! please? i can make an adorable puppy face here if necessary...

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