Friday, June 25, 2010

Shopping at The Rocket

Rory has been playing with her shopping cart the past couple of days, so this morning I made a cash register so that we could play "store." I tried to search images of play registers for inspiration and was disappointed. Not many pictures homemade cash registers. Okay, really just one. So I opened Photoshop and made something up. It isn't fabulous, but it's functional. Rory said that she'd like to name her store "The Rocket." (?) We found a box, glued the register printout to the bottom and propped it up for use. I've decided that we'll keep her play money and old receipts in the box when we aren't using it. Maybe then we won't lose everything in two days. Maybe...

I started to make some of our own play money, but the three-year-old attention span in the other room made me decide to search for some instead. (This site has cute printable play money for free!)

I set some things to shop for (felt food, dinosaurs, boxes of Jell-O, etc.) out on the kitchen table and Rory put her money in a purse. She loaded up a few (seven) babies in the front of her cart and went shopping. She doesn't understand denominations yet, but we did exchange currency. She even told me to, "Have a nice day!"


Kacy said...

The Rocket? How funny. I would have thought she would have called it the Triceratops or something. Have a nice day!

Mandy said...

The Triceratops (and several of his friends) were for sale at The Rocket. It's funny how she'll reference it. We were out and told her that we were heading home, where she could play with her toys.

"I can play store?"
"Yep, that's great idea."
"At the Rocket? Cool!"

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