Thursday, September 23, 2010

Future Frog*

In this house, we like to start the TCU-love early.  Like, in the womb.  Jack obviously needed some TCU gear to wear to the games this year and so I quickly whipped up some iron-on transfer onesies.  I really should remember where I got the pictures from to give proper credit, but it was late.  Like, really late.  So, you know, I found them somewhere in a Google search and then played in Photoshop a bit. 

For controlling the drool-factor, I also made some quick mini burp cloths.  One side has soft flannel or burp cloth fabric.  They are great for shoving into pockets and quickly wiping the adorable mouth of one Captain Droolypants.

* provided we either 1) win the lottery, or 2) find the kids some amazing scholarships.  Have you seen the price of college lately?  Eek!


Jamie said...

Are you guys going to the SMU TCU game this week?!

Mandy said...

We're going to watch it (very enthusiastically) from the couch this week. :)

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