Thursday, September 23, 2010

T-Shirt Transformation, Parts 2 and 3

Oh my.  I'm having entirely too much fun cutting up old t-shirts and making them into new pillows for my living room.  But it's so easy.  And quickly gratifying.  Not to mention that old t-shirts are soft and comfy- exactly right for the couch.

I like accessorizing with white lately.  Big color with white pieces.  I'm loving it.  I've had some pillows from the college apartment years that haven't been used much because they don't match with anything we have right now. 

Three shirts later I have two new pillows for the couch.  Pintucks!  Gathers!  Playing with different textures was cool and I think they work pretty well with the ruffly t-shirt pillow that I made earlier.  Now I'm not sure that I can stop.  Doesn't my bed need some cool pillows?  Rory's room?  No shirt is safe!
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