Monday, December 20, 2010

Round Up- October


I'm a little behind on blog posts.  Let's see if I can play lightning-round style catch up.  Here's what I made in October:

Baby food
It's back!  Baking, steaming, blending and freezing.  Jack is a fan.  A very big fan.

Soft Books
It started as a Happy Birthday to Baby Joe gift and The Books of Carsten and Daniel soon followed. Far too much fun to make.  Especially little felt tube socks.  And trees.

Plane Entertainment
Granted, she ended up only needing Daddy's laptop and some apple juice, but Rory's first plane trip included a new cute backpack, recycled doodle books (I've made a bazillion of them), and some spiffy fabric snack bags.

The Practice Bouquet
For beautiful bride Shannon, her practice bouquet made with ribbons from her shower gifts.

Stuff for Rory
Old t-shirts make yet another appearance, having new lives as 1) a peasant-style TCU shirt and 2) a bright red nightgown with a fun pink ruffle.  Also, for Halloween she wanted to be a TCU cheerleader.  I was happy to oblige.  That pattern looked much, much easier than the alternative T-Rex.

Spy Owls, Etc.
They've been a hit!  I made a special request fox, too. 

Highchair re-do
The highchair needed an updated look.  Out with the old and in with the stripes.


Lori said...

Yes, the tube socks are super cute. I'm glad Jack is a good eater. Makes life so much easier. Tell me more about the doodle books at ballet. Let me see one! We won't be at Wednesday ballet this week.

Mandy said...

Lori, I'll make a few for your girls!

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