Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Round-Up, Part One!

Christmas and handmade have always gone together for me.  Growing up most of my favorite decorations and ornaments were made by my Mimi.  She and my great-grandmother had made a felt Christmas tree advent calendar for us.  I remember being mesmerized by all the tiny stitches and details on each little ornament for it's tree.  When I got married I borrowed some of Mimi's patterns (and created some, too) to make my own.  Newlyweds Shannon and Josh got this year's version, which I have to admit, has some of my favorite ornaments to date.  Who can resist a tiny cowboy boot?

Stocking Stuffers! I found this snappy little tutorial for these adorable tissue holders.

My nephew lost his first tooth and a non-girly tooth fairy pillow was in order.  I liked how this one turned out.  I'm kind of kicking myself for not making an actual pattern for it.  I think I may have to make one for Jack someday.

I made the kids some travel art caddies.  Again, with the non-pattern.  You'd think I'd learn....  They have pockets to stash doodle books and crayons.  (A special thanks to Grandma, whose fabric stash gift has already seen a ton of usage!)

Black Apple Dolls for Rory and Kinsley!  More about these cuties next post.  I heart them.  Like, a lot. 

A sweet bird bow holder for the adorable Miss Landry.  (It's cuteness doesn't hold a candle to the kid.)

Ruffle pillow covers!  It's official, I can't get enough.  Jayne's were made from the wrap of the bridesmaid dresses at my wedding (thank you, Laine!) and a failed skirt attempt from my very early sewing years.  Kelli's is a mix of t-shirts.   


Jenn said...

All super cute. Do you remember the Care Bear stuffed ornaments your mom made one year? I still have mine, but M makes me put them on the back of the tree.

Klem said...

You know how when you see stuff that is so ridiculously awesome you can't believe someone actually made it?


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