Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poppies: A Tutorial

Vanessa asked me about these today.  I've had several inquiries, actually, and this seems like the best way to explain the poppy making process. 

A disclaimer up front: I'm hardly the first to make fabric poppies/flowers.  I'm sure I'm not the first to make a tutorial, either.  This is just my version.  Credit to Laine for explaining the process over the phone.  In her (paraphrased) words, "I'd make some for you, but really, they're too easy not to whip up yourself."  She was totally right.  The poppies are insanely easy, but I don't think they look it.  I made a bunch of these for Christmas.  They're a bit addicting.  I'll probably put some in my Etsy shop for anyone who doesn't feel like making them. Or anyone who doesn't have random scraps of chiffon and polyester lying around the house. 

Here we go.

You'll need:

Fabric: Chiffon, Polyester (the stuff that has a sheen to it), bits of old bridesmaid dresses, etc.

Candle or some sort of flame
needle & thread
hot glue gun (opt.)

optional for finishing: pin back or hair clip

Cut various sizes of circles (concentric) out of your fabric.  They does not have to look pretty.  Not even close.  Imperfection here makes it better.

Time to play with fire!  Grab each circle and (carefully!) hold it near your flame.  Go easy until you figure out how the fabric will react- each is a little different.  Basically, the edges will melt a bit and cause the fabric to have a slight curl. 

Got it?  Now put all of your pieces together and see how cool they look.

Take your needle and thread and make a few stitches right in the center to anchor it all together.

Add some beads with either a needle and thread or some hot glue and admire.

And that's it.  Seriously.  Easy, right?  You can finish it off by sewing on a pin back (or you could use hot glue here) or gluing to a hair clip.  Try adding some circles of tulle or mixing colors and beads.  Totally addicting.  And hey, now you can actually use that hot pink bridesmaid dress again!


Klementine said...

Could I use a natural, linen looking fabric and robin's egg blue beads for a bird's nest look?

And by "I", I mean "you."

Was that out loud?

Mandy said...

I could certainly try it. Love the idea!

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