Friday, March 25, 2011

Because I Need Another Thing To Keep Up With

It looks like it's time for another catch-up lightening round blog with all (most?) of the stuff I've made since January.  Oops.  Again.

That'll have to wait.

I just finished Jack's first birthday invitations and decided to make (another) brand/title/distinction/whatever.

I've been doing more design-stuff that isn't drawn, so it doesn't really fall under the Moo's Angels category.  And  The Pretty Bean is different, too.  We'll see if it sticks, but for now I'm creating a new category that fits the more designed-not-drawn:

Anyone that knows me well is aware that I can never actually get anything done until most sane humans are happily snoozing.  I hear that eight hours of sleep is an amazing thing, but hey, there's a lot of creating to be done!

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