Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!

After visiting church and both sets of their grandparents, my kids (and their parents) are still on a sugar high.  We have an Easter Bunny cookie jar full of candy in the kitchen.  It's both wonderful and frightening at the same time. 

This time around I made Rory an Easter dress.  I know it's not the traditional girly frilly Easter dress, but I kind of love it.  It's more Rory-Bean.  And yellow.  I used some wire and lace to make her a vintage-ish hair bow to match.  I also used this tutorial to make Jack a bow tie (If The Doctor thinks bow ties are cool, they obviously are.)  I can't get over the bow tie.  And amazingly enough, he didn't mess with it at all once it was on. 

I, ahem, "The Easter Bunny" also made some bunny softies for the kids.  Jack's is made from an old (but washed!) pair of Andrew's boxers.  The Easter Bunny is very resourceful. 

We found some very vibrant dye for eggs this year.  It made for really pretty eggs and a very nice Brian Tribute egg (not pictured).  Brian always got bored of the dyeing process when we were kids and would dip his in every color.  Somehow, the ugly brown egg became the prize egg to hunt for.  Rory got a quarter for finding it this year.


Casey said...

The dress and bow tie are toooo cute!

Jamie said...

OMG. Could your kids (in your fab creations) be any freakin' cuter?! Highly doubtful. IJS.

Sylvia Kyle said...

I think we probably have a picture of Jack's father with the very same facial expression!

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