Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Princess, refashioned.

A year or so ago we were gifted a ton of cute girl clothes for the Bean, including a Belle princess dress.  Despite her ongoing dinosaur obsession, Rory has discovered that she likes to play dress-up, especially when with other girls.  She doesn't generally play "princess" but rather goes around the house doing her normal stuff, dressed up in yellow chiffon.  Hey, I've vacuumed in a tiara before, so I can't really knock it.

The Belle dress was starting to border on "raggedy."  The top layer of glitter fabric had some unfortunate rips and there were at least two runs in the body of the dress itself.  Knowing she would never actually consent to me repurposing the dress, I waited until after bedtime to deconstruct it.  I removed the bodice and top layer of glittery ripped stuff and made a new yellow ballet skirt.  The two layers of fabric left work really well for it- I may have to actually go buy some to make her another soon.

I thought it would go well with a white leotard that we'd recently bought at a consignment sale.  It did, but the leotard was so....plain.  I did a quick upgrade with an elastic gather and a little white bow.  What really matters is  that my little ballerina was happy.  And twirly.  Very twirly.

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