Thursday, May 26, 2011

2011 Family Reunion

My family has an annual reunion over Memorial Day weekend.  They've been doing it far longer than I've been alive.  There aren't really glitches anymore, everything runs like it's supposed to: hanging out, catching up, playing (usually some slightly embarrasing) games, grilling burgers, homemade ice cream contest, playing music under the gazebo.  We like to add a few twists and turns every now and then to keep it interesting, like weddings or trailer fires. 

And that's just on Saturday.

Sunday we get out of the Texas heat and have a big lunch before the family meeting and auction indoors.  Everyone makes crafts of all different kinds (and varying levels of taste) to be sold.  The money raised goes to the family fund for future reunion costs, scholarships, bonds, flowers, etc.  It's actually kind of awesome (without the "kind of"). 

This year, so far, we have two crafts to bring.  Rory made a stepping stone and painted it herself. (Heads up, Papa!) 

I took a record from my Granny's collection and made it into a clock.  It was definitely just as easy at it promised to be.  Seriously, after spending like three minutes making it I was looking around the room for other clock ideas.  (Don't worry, I stopped myself.  For now.)

Andrew has some other ideas cooking and I think I'll add an adult fused plastic bib to the mix.  I've still got a day and a half to get it done!

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