Saturday, June 4, 2011

(Pretty Close To) Instant Gratification

This is why we usually have a clip in Rory's hair.
And yes, she decorated her brother with stickers.  Again.

I've had a remnant scrap of soft jersey fabric for several years now, intending to make Rory something out of it.  Last night I decided that I needed to make something quick and easy.  I needed a fix.  So I did the unimaginative thing and whipped up a simple skirt for the Beans.  It probably took five minutes.  (Side note: I still heart my serger!)

I grabbed an old pair of Andrew's boxers that were in my scrap pile (Dude, boxers have cool prints!) and made Jack a pair of shorts.  I love using existing hems.  I love projects that don't involve getting the iron out.  I love giving things a new life, like boxers, t-shirts, or old bedsheets.

I love that my kids genuinely like each other.

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