Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off to Preschool

Today my baby went off to preschool!  How did that happen already?  She was thrilled to go this morning, reminding me at least three times not to forget her Dr. Pepper lunchbox or her Wolverine juice or her dinosaur water bottle.  And the goldfish crackers!  "Mom, did you get the goldfish?"  Not sure if she's more excited about school or lunch.  I enjoyed making a few things to get her ready like reusable chip and snack bags for her lunch. (I used this cool tutorial from Sew Tara.)

I don't know who the first person was to add tabs to the top of snack bags, but it's a genius idea.  Rory and I sat down and did a dry run with her lunch to be sure that she can open everything all by herself.  Check!

We met her teacher earlier in the week and she seems very sweet.  I decided to make her a "thanks for dealing with nine four-year-olds at one time" beginning of the year gift: a pair of cute felt apple coasters.  (Tutorial from the Purl bee.)  My mom is supervising some new student teachers and we thought they could use a little gift, too. I realized that now starts a whole new chapter of making teacher gifts, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a teensy bit excited about that.

We are supposed to have a change of clothes in a plastic bag to keep in their backpack.  I sort of followed directions...I made a drawstring bag with Rory's name to hold a change of clothes and a plastic grocery bag, just in case.  And then I used some orange felt and heat bonded her name to her backpack.  I might have got a little carried away.

Now, is it two o'clock yet?  I'm dying to know what my Bean did today!


Karen said...

I can't believe my grandbaby is eligible for preschool. I can't be that old! I also could not be more proud of her...or her mother. Both are wonderful people both inside and out. Best wishes for a great school year...the first of many to come! Bless you!

Jamie said...

Yay Rory!!! I hope she had the awesomest first day ever!

So, you need to put snack bags on etsy. IJS. I might, like, NEED a couple. ;-)

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