Friday, November 18, 2011

The Season of Birthdays Continues!

A few hours before my niece's fourth birthday party, Rory and I were at a clinic in Frisco being diagnosed with strep throat.  We decided not to share, but were disappointed to have to miss the party.  We finally were able to meet up with her this week to give her a birthday gift.  I used the Naomi Dress/Tunic pattern from Brynnberlee again for Kinsley's dress and a Simplicity pattern to make a coordinating dress for her new American Girl doll (as modeled by my Samantha doll from the '90's.  I think she was glad to finally get out of those thick Victorian tights.)

There's a pretty good chance that we'll miss Heather's birthday party this weekend, too, so we delivered her gift early.  This family is really on a roll with our birthday parties, aren't we?  I changed to top of a Shannon Bag for Heather by hemming the top of the bag with the lining side showing and encasing the top ruffle seam.  Not sure if that makes sense to anyone but me, but I think I like the variation.

We've been getting creative with gift wrap lately.  Sometimes it's just more fun to unwrap a gift (as opposed to a bag) but I don't always (ever) have wrapping paper that isn't Christmas patterned.  I do have a huge roll of butcher paper and random fabric scraps lying around...

Happy birthday, Mary!

Taken on the very picturesque dashboard of my car.


Karen said...

When do you find time to be so creative? I wish you could find the gene and share it. Not one iota came from me. This stuff is precious!
Love you!

mandolyn said...

Time? I call it the "after everyone else in the house is asleep" insomnia. Great for crafting. Bad for health. I'll catch up one of these days. (Years.)

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