Friday, November 11, 2011

Still in love with T-shirts.

Andrew did some closet cleaning and added a few shirts to my pile of clothes to repurpose.  I made the kids some soft hanging-around-the-house pants from some old t-shirts.  I took a pair of pants that currently fit each kid, folded them in half and traced around the shape.  I sewed them up and put a faux drawstring tie on each one.  Super quick, super satisfying.   In all my "this is so fast!" excitement, I caught a bit of Rory's pants in the serger and made a teensy hole in the front.  Easy enough fix: I used a horned frog from another old t-shirt and covered the spot.  Looks like I intended it to be there, right?  Whew.

Rory was all about posing in her pants (which are a little short...I'll have to figure out a solution for that issue later.) With her juice.  No other way, Mom.  Sigh.  Jack wouldn't stay still enough to get a picture.  Go figure.  I'll probably make more of these for the kids as the weather gets a cooler.  Comfy pants = happiness.


Lori said...

Love them! So comfy.

Claire said...

Comfy pants= love

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