Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011 Round Up

I always get behind on the blog during and after Christmastime.  I never want to take the chance that someone I've made something for might be one of the three people that read this thing.  Spoilers!

Now that it's mid-January, I can do a quick run-down!

I made fabric bows for our gifts this year.  Thanks to MADE for a great idea!

This year I gave myself a bit of a break.  As much as I'd like to have made almost everything that we gave as gifts, it just isn't possible to to with little kids if I intend to also get any sleep.  So I did what I could without crossing over into CrankyMommyChristmasMonster Land and you know what?  It turned out to be just fine.

I started getting into the spirit of the Season by putting together some Chrismon kits for our church. Chrismons (literally "Christ monograms") are my favorite part of Christmas decorations at church.  I've always loved them.  So when our pastor came to me with the idea to add to our collection, I agreed without hesitation.  I put together kits with instructions and supplies for church members (and my family members!) to take and complete, then I added a back and stuffing.  I think they were beautiful on the tree!

Let's see...I had a few requests that I was happy to make.  The always wonderful Kelli commissioned a Black Apple doll and tote bag for one of their friends, plus an apron for Landry, who is apparently a budding cook.  The world would be a better place if her mommy shares her chocolate chip cookie secrets, this much I'm sure about.

Rory wanted to make something for her preschool class, so I used my Mimi's fabric ornaments as inspiration for these felt Santa ornaments.  Her teacher, Ms. Karen, is an A&M fan, so we made a special one just for her.

I'm sure there will be a time when seeing a mustache graphic won't make me giggle, but I hope it isn't anytime soon.  I got the idea for these mugs from Pinterest (Hours and hours of my time have been spent browsing Pinterest.  If you haven't checked it out, beware.  Of the awesomeness.)  They went to Claire and Shannon & Josh.  Although while "helping" Shannon open her gift, Jack managed to break one of their mugs, so I owe them another...

I knitted some plain white hats for my newest nieces, Addison and Mallory and added some felt flower clips.  The clips can be used on the hat or by themselves.  I discovered a new felt flower technique and had to stop myself after making something like 8 clips.  

See how the hat above is stuffed, for picture purposes?  I used this t-shirt scarf that I made Heather.  I forgot that's where I put it and didn't actually give it to her until today.  January 9th.  Yikes.  

I happened upon this tutorial for these cute little dressform pincushions.  The instructional video is a bit on the cute overload side, but how adorable are these?  I still want to make myself one.  

Yep, more felt flowers.   I couldn't help myself!
I made Mallory a little bunny softie with a bell inside using the pattern I made last Easter for my kiddos.

My sister-in-law Jayne is a bath junkie.  I knew when I found a recipe for Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak (and I can't find that recipe right now...) that she'd be all over it.  I made some little bath infusion bags to go with it and a salt scrub bag as well.  

My aunt Di and I got together and made some very special gifts for my Uncle Dan's kids and family.  We took a bunch of his military and marathon t-shirts and made slipcover pillows.  Making them was simple- figuring out which pillow to give which person was the hardest part!  I was very pleased with how they all came out.  Di and I got good laugh out of the one that ultimately became hers. The shirt said "Birds of Prey" with several jets on it.  Cool shirt.  When I cut it to make the pillow, my measurements were a bit off and it ended up saying "irds of Prey" on the front.  It turns out that it was our favorite.  We could just hear Dan laughing at it, too.  He would have given us his signature, "you guys are huge dorks" look. 

With the smaller leftover scraps, I made my mom and Di  t-shirt scarves.

Christmas 2011 was a good one.  Everyone should be as blessed as I am with amazing family and friends to share the Holidays.

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