Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthdays and Babies

It happened again.  Plain old life.  It keeps getting in the way of blogging.  Oops.  But really, this time I'm going to do better.  As soon as I catch up.  Yikes.  So here we go.  I tried to organize everything from January until now and it didn't exactly work.  I'm going to try lumping things together by category instead of chronological order...

Let's get this party started.

I'd been waiting for someone to have a baby so that I could make one of these onesie cupcakes.  (Thank you, Lori!)  Lori's makes beautiful babies and her latest, Ryan, is certainly no exception.

I found this tutorial somewhere.  There are lots of them.  I honestly can't remember, but it was probably from Pinterest (shocking, I know.)  I serged the edges of some cute baby flannel to make a receiving blanket.  Blanket + onesie + coffee filter + fabric ribbon = baby cupcake.

Happy Baby, Lori!

Making gifts for boys is always a bit of a challenge, especially as they get a little older.  I accept, though and refuse to believe that you can't make cool things that boys would like.  I found this tutorial for a tangram-esque fabric puzzle and decided to tackle it for my nephew Philip's birthday.  I used to have a tangram puzzle.  Remember those?  This version isn't quite the same thing, but the inspiration is there.  I knew while making this that I would need one at my house, too.  For me my kids to play with.  So many possibilities.  Turning that many little squares takes a lot of patience and time, though, so my set is still in it's early stages.

Happy birthday, Philip!

Michael's birthday was in February, too.  What is the perfect gift for one of the most genuinely happy and caring people in the whole world (who has made my hair look good for over 10 years)?  Yeah, I still don't know, but I made him some fused plastic love.  It's possible that I liked how this turned out and made myself one, too.  Seems to be a recurring theme...

Happy birthday, Michael!

Claire had a birthday while we were on vacation, so we decided to birthday bomb the kitchen of our rented beach house with streamers.  I dipped a roll of white streamers into some colored water.  The drying process takes forever.  We're talking days here.  Days and small fans, but I like the result.  You can do a lot of fun things with streamers, but sometimes subtle is perfect. (Idea from Dandee.)

Happy birthday, Claire!

My niece turned one in March (ONE. Where did a year go?  Seriously.)  I made Miss Addison a Brooke dress from fabric that I recently got from my grandma.  Good stuff.  And who can resist an adorable little girl in blue?  Or pleats?  Ruffle cap sleeves?  I love this pattern. (Brynnberlee patterns)

Happy birthday, Addison!

My friend Laine's youngest just turned one as well.  What's with these babies getting older?  I don't remember approving this.  I made her a personalized tote (which is really more for her mommy, but shhhh...don't tell Carolyn) and a whale softie toy.  A whale!  I found the free pattern from Small Dream Factory.  

Happy birthday, Carolyn!

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