Friday, April 20, 2012


For Valentine's Day and Easter I made things for Rory's preschool friends.  Both times, around 2:00 am, I found myself thinking that it would have been a million times easier to just buy some candy and be done.  But since I am apparently incapable of that, I didn't.  And that's okay because I really do like making things.  And it's not like the kids were going to be short on sugary (delicious) candy.

For Valentine's, I was completely unoriginal and made swirly crayons.  And then, because I felt bad for being unoriginal,  added little mini notebooks with fused plastic covers and recycled cardboard backs.  I had Rory write a message and put it all together as little bag.  She was crazy about the idea, which was really all the motivation I needed.  (She might have been just trying to butter me up so I'd let her use my good markers.  The girl knows how to work it.)

We also took a cue from Dana at made and made a quick felt heart garland for the kitchen window.  15 minutes, tops.  For real.  You have to love that.

For Easter, I made a thousand and one bunny finger puppets, give or take.  We stuffed them into plastic eggs for preschool and church.  

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