Friday, April 20, 2012

Hoods and Tails. And Outfits.

I have an ongoing love affair with my camera.  I feel like I have so many good pictures of my kids.  With my camera and digital photography, plus Photoshop Elements, I get at least a few good shots out of the bazillion that I take of the kids on any given day.


Sometimes, the stars just don't align.  I have to remind myself that the pouts, blurs, nose picks, cheesy grins, awkward poses, wild hair and uncooperative model shots are funny.  Because generally I chuckle about it five minutes after I've yelled in frustration, "Oooookay, you know what?  Nevermind.  This isn't working right now.  Everyone back INSIDE THE HOUSE!"

I used to of Andrew's old dress shirts to make the kids some clothes.  I have never been into the matchy-matchy thing, but I'll admit that every now and then, it can be kind of cute.  There.  I said it.  Jack's shirt is made from the Pox Couture pattern that I've used before.  Rory's skirt is the Emma Ruffle Skirt pattern

I came across this tutorial from The Cottage Home for hooded towels and made a trip out to get some cheap towels.  Contrary to what it looks like in these pictures, both Rory and Jack love their new bath towels.

I made both kids some dinosaur tails.  My friend Casey shared it with me and then I saw it on Pinterest (I know!) and knew that this needed to happen.  I actually ran out of polyfil when stuffing them, so Jack's is filled with stuffing and t-shirt scraps.  Clearly, he cares.  Rory wore hers when she did a presentation on her favorite dinosaurs for our church's Winter Follies talent show.  They both get a little irritated that they can't wear the tails and eat at the table for dinner.  "Well, honey, I'm not really sure what a real Diplodocus would do, but you need to take your tail off.  It doesn't fit in the chair."

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