Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jack!

My baby turned two!

He has a slight Angry Birds obsession.

 "A-Birds!  A-Birds!"
"Yellow A-Bird say, 'Ack! Wheeeeee!'"
"iCat? iCat! iCat! A-Birds!"

He loves to play on the iPad, which is affectionately calls "iCat."  Since letting a two-year-old go to town on an iPad isn't something I'd like to claim to do all that often, I made him some bean bags from felt and old t-shirts.  We like to set them up on wooden blocks and play real-life Angry Birds.  Yeah, sure, not as fun as the electronic version, but it works.  And it has to be better for his brain, right?

I used a plain red shirt and more scrap felt (okay, it does spontaneously reproduce, yes?) to make him an Angry Bird shirt.  He was in love.


Casey B said...

I wonder if you can sell Angry birds bean bags with out it violating some copy right laws? If so...put those on Pinterest! They'd sell like hot cakes!

Jamie said...

I so need some of the bean bags! Is there no end to your talents?! :-)

emk said...

Dude, I want some, too. Seriously. Will send you money as soon as you name a price!!!

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