Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bean!

Today Rory is five.  I keep reminding her that this is completely unauthorized and she keeps giving me her best "Oh, Mom..." teenage look impression.  Five!

The dinosaur obsession continues and is now joined by an affinity for superheros.  And pink.  I love this kid.  

We made some cupcakes for her class at preschool and found some Avengers erasers to decorate with.  I used a few pages from one of Andrew's old comics for a little extra fun.  (Yes, I had permission!)

Jack spied some cool superhero fabric at Walmart a few weeks ago and I soon found myself with a yard of it in my cart.  Just try to say no to a two-year-old enthusiastically yelling, "Look, Mommy!  Look!  Iron Man!  Captain 'Merica!  Hulk Smaaaaaaash!"   Last night I made Rory a birthday dress and have enough left over to make Jack something, too.  (He asked for a dress like his sister, but he may have some loud shorts coming instead.  Pajamas?  A shirt?  To be determined.)

I also made some magnetic paper dolls.  Pinterest helped me find a site with scans of vintage Betsy McCall paper dolls.  I loved that they resemble Rory.  I'm also jealous of Betsy's wardrobe.  Betsy's a smart little dresser.  She can rock corn as an accessory!  I picked a few favorites and printed them on some magnetic paper.  They work perfectly on a dollar store cookie sheet!

Happy, happy birthday to the coolest five year old ever!  I love you, Bean!

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