Friday, June 1, 2012

Royalty on the Quick

We have exactly one Burger King crown in this house.  It's several months old and it looks like it.  The kids looove it, though, and having one of something with two kids doesn't ever seem to work out.

So I made some.

Truth: I could have spent more time on them.  They would have looked a lot better.  But I didn't want them to cost anything and I didn't want to leave the house and it was after midnight.  So I grabbed some fabric, some stabilizer that was sitting by my sewing machine and some jewelry from the 1980's.  I took the beat up BK crown and traced it, then sandwiched the stabilizer between the fabric and sewed along the edges.  The elastic I added in the back helps them to fit Duncan heads. The stitches aren't pretty.  Shoot, the layers don't even line up all that well.  But I think they were a hit this morning.

"Cool!  I'm a queen!"
"Me too!  I'm a queeeeeeeeen!"
"No Jack.  You are a king.  I'm a queen."
"I'm a queeeeeen!"

Roscoe the Great, who is staying with us while his family moves into their new house, looks especially stunning, don't you think?  He's easier to take pictures of than either of the kids.  Roscoe poses.  It's awesome.


Anyah Martinez said...

Excellent. :)

Jamie said...

Roscoe looks amazing. IJS.

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