Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One Down, Lots To Go.

I read about Quilts For Kids/Downy Touch of Comfort a while ago on Make It and Love It.  They collect and deliver bright & cheery quilts to kids in the hospital all over the country.  I knew I had to make one.  They ship you all the fabric (pre-cut!) needed for a small four patch quilt with instructions.  You provide the batting and cost of shipping to back to them in 4-6 weeks.

Um...pre-cut?  You betcha.  That's half the battle.

My sewing machine had to go visit the repair shop in the middle of my 4-6 week window, but I finished my first quilt and shipped if off today.  The kids helped me give it a little extra love before sending it off.

I want to make more.  Pretty sure I will.  I could think of worse habits.

***  I got the batting for this one at SCRAP Denton.  I was there looking for (a million) other things and hit the jackpot with a package of batting.  I think it had my name on it.  Then again, I think everything there has my name on it.  If you're in the Denton, TX area, you should check it out.  You can buy buttons by the scoopful.  Trims by the handful.  Markers, paint, fabric, random game pieces, yarn, glass bottles, beads, stamps, and about a million other things.  They also have a RE:Boutique, selling things that are made from at least 75% recycled materials.  There might even be some fused plastic bibs in there.  I'm just sayin'.

If you get the quilting bug, you can request a free kit here.

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