Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Birthday, Braelee!

Rory and Jack were invited to a Brave party for Braelee. They had a huge inflatable water slide in her yard, and although my kids spent the majority of their time at the bottom wading pool part of it, they had a great time. Lot of giggles and squeals. Good stuff. I made Braelee some fake make-up. I was calling it play make-up but then confused my husband. He thought that meant it was actual make-up meant for playtime. Which I guess isn't altogether different than what I came up with, but a lot less messy.

For her Fake-Up, I took some dollar store eye shadow and blush containers and filled them with nail polish. I've seen this done a million times over on Pinterest and it worked like a charm. It's definitely something you have to plan a few days for because that much polish takes a long time to dry. And a long time to stop knocking you out with its nail polish smell. I also took another idea that I'd seen online to make "lipstick." (I somehow managed to forget to pin either idea, but they are really all over the place.) I pulled the hot pink cheap lipstick out of its tube and replaced it with a wooden dowel. I know, right? Doesn't it look real? I took the dowel, chopped it to size, sanded the edges, painted it and sprayed some acrylic sealant on top.  Once it's glued in, it goes up and down just like the real thing.

 Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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